Beginner Wakeboarding

Beginner Full Size Cable Water Sports

A 2 hour introductory session, learning how to kneeboard, water ski or wakeboard on our five tower cable system.

Even if you have been water skiing or wakeboarding behind a boat, jet ski or on a two tower cable system, but haven’t navigated a full size cable system, you should attend one of these sessions before booking regular sessions with us.

We have beginner exclusive sessions in the mornings, with no experienced wakeboarders or water skiers around, for those who want to learn only with other beginners. If you want to give it a go on a session with an experienced friend on the cable at the same time, you can go on one of our afternoon sessions.

The beginner experience starts with a tour of the facility, collecting your equipment (rental costs included in the price) and wetsuit (if hired separately), before the on-land induction. The on-land induction covers how to navigate the cable by following the course buoys, along with basic techniques to get you on the water and changing directions.

After the induction, you will have a 90 minute group session on our main cable. To learn how to navigate the cable, beginners will start by going out on kneeboards, water skis or Easyup Starter Boards.

If you do have your own equipment, you are able to use it if it is suitable for full size cable use, alternatively the sports equipment is included in the cost. Wetsuits are available for hire separately for £5 online or £7.50 if you decide to hire them on the day.

£39 per person

Use of helmets, buoyancy aids, water skis, kneeboards and Easyup starter boards is included in the above price.

Session Dates & Times

1st – 29th OctoberWednesdays & Sundays11:00 & 13:00
1st – 29th OctoberSaturdays09:00, 11:00 & 13:00
*** The Saturday 09:00 session must be booked in advance ***