Liquid Leisure Windsor Cable Lake

Cable Water Sports

Our cable systems provide cost effective ways to learn and advance in towed water sports disciplines from Kneeboarding and Water Skiing, to Wakeboarding and Slalom Skiing. At Liquid Leisure Windsor, we have a two tower cable system which provides a one to one experience with a coach, and a five tower full size cable system that enables up to eleven people to be towed simultaneously.

Are you a beginner?

Follow this route if you have little to no experience with water sports including Kneeboarding, Water Skiing and Wakeboarding, and/or have not been on a full cable system before

Two Tower Wakeboarding Beginner and Progression Sessions

For those beginning in the sport or wanting to progress their skills at the fastest rate possible, opt for some one on one tuition

Experienced Full Size Cable Riders

Follow this route if you have experience of riding full cable systems