Covid-19 coronavirus

With the current social distancing policy of the British Government, we are not currently able to open our activities at Liquid Leisure Windsor. The period of closure is yet to be confirmed, as it is to be reviewed by the British Government on a regular basis. We will be contacting those with activities scheduled before 21st April 2020, to discuss their bookings. Please do not try to contact us by phone, as we will be calling all of you with the capacity we have available to us. If you would like to reach out to us with times that are more suitable to you, please email us via:

We are still taking bookings for later in the year, as we believe that as soon as the social distancing policy is no longer required, it would be best for the nation to get outdoors and get some enjoyable exercise. For those who will have birthdays during the period of social distancing, you still deserve a day out with friends and family when the restrictions are over.

Exceptional measures – Temporary adjustments to booking and cancellation policies

To give Guests and Consumers the greatest flexibility, we have made temporary adjustments to our booking and cancellation policies.

As we progress through 2020, should we continue to be closed due to British Government social distancing policies or other legislation, we will waive all administration fees and rearrange bookings providing free upgrades from off peak to peak pricing periods if required.

If in the unlikely scenario we are required to close a Liquid Leisure site for the entirety of the season ending 31st October 2020 we will offer:
• a 20% increase of your booking total to be used in the 2021 season
• if at the end of the 2021 season you were not able to attend, we will provide a refund of the original booking value

Bookings made for activities outside of Boat Water Sports, Cable Water Sports and Open Water Swimming made after 11th May 2020:

We are taking bookings for 4th July onward, so our booking system is open, but you shouldn’t try to book before this date. If after 11th May, you book any of our leisure activities before 4th July, you will be issued vouchers to use the credit at a later point. No refunds will be issued and you will not be compensated if you decided to travel to us, when you will be refused entry.

This policy may be modified at any time without notice. Please check this page regularly for updates.