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Full Size Cable Water Sports

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For experienced cable wakeboarders, kneeboarders or water skiers, welcome to the number one full size cable in the world! No other lake has two double width pool gaps or as many features as the main cable at Liquid Leisure Windsor.

If you like riding features, there really is not a better lake to progress your riding. With features suitable for all levels of riding, you are able to develop a wide range of skills and expertise on both the inside and outside of the cable.

Before booking or attending Liquid Leisure Windsor, you must review the below information and act within these guidelines during the UK Government’s Covid-19 Recovery Strategy Step 1


• If you are not an experienced wakeboarder or skier who can competently start on a main cable system (not two tower or boat), then please do not book a session (as you are not to touch any part of the starting dock with your hands). Should it become apparent that you cannot competently start, you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be issued.
• All bookings must be made in advance online via our website (https://windsor.liquidleisure.com/cable-water-sports/) – you are not permitted to attend without a booking THIS INCLUDES THOSE WITH MEMBERSHIPS OR SUBSCRIPTIONS. Please note, bookings will be for time slots and will start on the hour, not when you first swipe your band. You will have the choice of 1 or 2 hour passes during the UK Government’s Recovery Strategy Step 1. Members will be able to book 2 hour passes for free on the system, and will be able to ride twice in the same day, but you will only be able to book 1 pass per day until the pass has been used – you will then need to leave the site and book another pass for later in the day.
• No spectators or family members are permitted to accompany participants – unless accompanying a disabled participant or a participant who is under 14 (only one carer or guardian can be at the facility and must maintain social distancing)
• Nobody with any symptoms of Covid-19 coronavirus is to travel to the facility
• DO NOT visit us if you are at an increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19 coronavirus. This group includes those who are:
– aged 70 or older (regardless of medical conditions)
– under 70 with an underlying health condition listed by the NHS
– those who are pregnant
• Please use the toilet before attending, as we would prefer attendees not to use the limited toilets that will be open – if you do need to use a toilet here, you will be required to clean it before and after use (please note, there will only be access to the beach toilets)

Arrival at site:
• Arrive at the facility no more than 30 minutes before your booked session
• No car sharing is permitted, unless participants are from the same household and have booked consecutive sessions
• You are not to use public transport to travel to us
• If you do not have a current driving licence, you can be driven to the facility by a member of your household, but the driver will be required to stay in their car
• Please arrive ready to go or have a changing poncho or towel suitable to use in an outdoor space to change – you will have access to our two individual outdoor changing cubicles at the cable, but we would prefer if you do not use them (All other indoor spaces not listed above will be closed)
• If you need to register a band, you will be able to at the entrance kiosk, not the shop – the shop will be closed, but you can make purchases online
• It is preferred that you wear a face covering if attending the kiosk and you should not lean on or touch the counter
• For those with registered bands, you can head straight over to the cable lake
• Good hand hygiene should always be observed, and you should bring your own hand sanitiser if possible

• You will be required have all your own equipment, as no rental or demo equipment will be available
• The starting dock will have a staggered start in place, where you should remain distanced from other attendees and only one person will be allowed on the sloped and lower dock area
• Your session will start from the start time, not the first time you swipe your band
• When returning to the start dock, you must be distanced from any other attendees in the areas around the lake

End of activity:
• If you become fatigued before the end of your session, you should get changed and leave
• Your session will end at the end time, not the amount of time after the first swipe of your band – so if your session is 12pm to 2pm, you will not be allowed to ride after 2pm
• No equipment is to be left unattended at any time
• All participants are to vacate the facility as quickly as possible after their session has finished

During the UK Government’s Covid-19 Recovery Strategy Step 1, it is imperative that Liquid Leisure Windsor operates the sporting facility responsibly and safely. Any participants that could be seen to cause gatherings, social or not will be reprimanded with bans and no refunds of passes or memberships will be issued. So please enjoy the sport and keep the site safe for others and yourself to continue to enjoy the lifting of restrictions made by the UK Government, as they could be reversed as a consequence of your actions.

Opening Times

Monday – Sunday12:00 – 20:00

Session Prices

Session LengthPrice
1 Hour£20
2 Hours£30
All prices are subject to a first time registration fee of £5, which includes the price of the RFID band required to access the full size cable system

Rental Equipment

HelmetAll participants must wear a helmet which is rated for water sports use – if you do not have one, you will be required to hire one from us£2
Buoyancy AidAll participants must wear a buoyancy aid- if you do not have one, you will be required to hire one from us£2
Beginner Wakeboard PackageThe package consists of use of a wakeboard with bindings for use on the water (but not for use on features), and use of a helmet and/or buoyancy aid is included at no extra cost. Wakeboards and bindings cannot be separated for use with your own wakeboard or bindings.£10
Features Wakeboard PackageThe package consists of use of a wakeboard with bindings for use on features as well as the water, and use of a helmet and/or buoyancy aid is included at no extra cost. Wakeboards and bindings cannot be separated for use with your own wakeboard or bindings.£20
WetsuitWetsuits are not mandatory but are highly recommended in Spring, Autumn and Winter months and when water temperatures are below 20˚C.£5 Online
£7.50 On arrival

Subscription Prices

Summer Season Pass

Access During All Open Free Riding Sessions from the date of purchase, until 30th September.

Pass Purchased DuringAdult
(18+ on the day of purchase)
(Under 18 on the day of purchase)

Off Season Subscription

October – March (excluding January)

Registration Fee£50
October£20 per Day Pass
November£10 per Day Pass
December£10 per Day Pass
February£10 per Day Pass
March£20 per Day Pass