In the community

Liquid Leisure Windsor is a community focussed water sports facility, led by a management team that believes in enhancing society.

Stuart Marston | Managing Director

A multiple national and international champion in towed water sports, who has led Team GB athletes to numerous successes. He has helped to build the standards set by numerous governing bodies in water sports activities. In 2002, Liquid Leisure took over the water sports venue in Datchet, and Stuart started his journey in getting more people active by way of his passion for water sports.

Supporting the local community

Wraysbury Village Trust Community Bus

Stuart was born and raised locally and enjoys supporting the communities surrounding his water sports facility. Liquid Leisure Windsor assists both physically and financially where we can, just two examples of this are assisting residents of Wraysbury at times of flooding with vehicles and volunteers and donating funds to pay for a community bus.

Designated Charity – Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service

Monies raised at the Liquid Leisure Windsor Spooktacular Fireworks Extravaganza 2021

We have chosen to support the Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service charity, as they have a vision to provide a children’s hospice service within Berkshire and surrounding counties that will give children and families a choice of care and support from a dedicated team. Their mission is to reach out to every child and family who needs them, offering support and care from people who understand.

Getting support from Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service doesn’t have to mean a child’s death is imminent as their end of life care and bereavement support is just a part of what they do. They also provide respite care, specialist care, symptom management and family support.

For more information please visit:

Providing safe access to water

This Lifeguard continues to save lives, now as part of the Thames Valley Ambulance Service

Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths. There are an estimated 236,000 annual drowning deaths worldwide. (Source: World Health Organization)

We find it tragic to hear reports of drownings in the River Thames each year and Liquid Leisure Windsor works closely with the Royal Life Saving Society to provide safe access to water, in an attempt to reduce these incidents. Liquid Leisure Windsor invests in training not only staff who have been recruited from the local area, but also provides free of charge water rescue training to Thames Valley Emergency Services.

In exceptional circumstances, Liquid Leisure Windsor is called upon by Thames Valley Emergency Services to assist with specialist water rescues and land based medical emergencies. Two recent examples include rescuing a horse from the River Thames and providing a defibrillator to Thames Valley Police as they were in need of equipment to try to save the life of one of our neighbours.

Getting people active whilst protecting the environment

The London 2012 Summer Olympics Mascots – Saved from the scrapyard, refurbished and now overseeing the sporting activities at Liquid Leisure Windsor

We feel the health of the nation is important and getting people active in an environmentally friendly way is the best way to achieve it.

Open Water Swimming has risen in popularity since the build up to the London 2012 Summer Olympics, as more people took on triathlete training. Since 2005, we have enjoyed providing a venue where triathletes can arrive by bike, swim in our lake, and take a run around our grounds before cycling home. All this activity they undertake makes no impact on the environment by means of CO2 emissions.

We have been getting people active with our Aqua Parks since 2014, with people enjoying climbing, running, jumping, and swimming to navigate their way around this water sports equipment. With no mechanical parts, there are no CO2 emissions produced by the equipment, but this equipment entices and enables hundreds of thousands of people to get active and stay active. Aqua Parks are now the most popular and successful way of introducing people to water sports facilities, where they are introduced to new activities such as towed water sports. The recent growth of people staying active whilst undertaking towed water sports is thanks to Aqua Parks opening the imagination of the nation.

Initially, Liquid Leisure Windsor took over the site from the days it was boat only water sports venue, when two boats would be run on petrol with water skiers on both the front and back sections of the lake. In 2010, a five tower cable ski system was installed on the back section of the lake to reduce the CO2 emissions being produced, whilst also increasing the numbers of participants that could get and stay active. As the cable ski system is driven by electricity, CO2 emissions on site were reduced by 50%, whilst the number of water skiers and wakeboarders that could ski simultaneously went from one to eleven. Liquid Leisure Windsor is now world renowned for having one of the best cable wake park lakes in the world and is the training facility that the majority of Team GB use.

Boat water sports by their nature produce emissions by operating boats to tow those participating. To mitigate this, our boats have been converted to run on liquefied petroleum gas which produces 33% less CO2 than petrol and 45% less CO2 than diesel.