Open Water Swimming

Liquid Leisure Windsor Open Water Swimming is hosted on our front lake to cater for swimmers of all levels. The lake itself accommodates two courses, 200m and 750m, to suit whatever distance you decide to cover during your session.

The clearly marked courses enable each swimmer to effortlessly record their distance and map their own progress and/or training schedule. All Swimmers are watched over by an on-site lifeguarding team should they be required at any point.

The site is situated only 5 minutes from the M4 & M25 at the world’s leading water sports complex, set on one of the most beautiful private freshwater lakes amongst stunning parkland. The natural sheltering tree line offers great protection from the elements, spoiling us with nice calm waters throughout the year.

Opening Times:


Swim Courses:

Water Temperature:

The water temperature changes daily and will be displayed on a notice near the point of entry.

Wetsuit policy:
We advise the use of wetsuits, even in summer, as they provide extra buoyancy, provide insulation from both hot and cold weather and will reduce the risk of sunburn.

Tow float policy:
It is compulsory that open water swimmers use a tow float during our sessions. If you do not have one, we have them available for purchase.

Swim cap policy:
A brightly coloured swim cap is required to be worn by all open water swimmers.

Age limits:
10 – 14 year olds are only permitted to swim the 200m course.
From 15 years, swimmers can swim both courses.

Sign a waiver:
Before taking part in an open water swimming session, you will need to complete a waiver.

All bookings are currently closed.