2019 O’Neill Psycho One 5/4 FUZE Wetsuit – Black


The 2019 O’Neill Psycho One chest zip wetsuit is a team-rider favorite designed to flex. Designed for high-performance surfing the O’Neill Psycho One is lightweight and loaded with durable features.

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The Psycho 1 is minimal seam madness. The ultimate high-performance cold water wetsuit. Built with ultra gooey TechnoButter 3 Neoprene and ultra-minimal seam styling offers unrestricted mobility, enhanced durability and incredible fit. The Psycho 1 will raise your performance level to new heights.
  • Technobutter 3 neoprene

    O’Neill’s exclusive new pre-stretched neoprene with featherlight, ENVY foam rubber core. Ultimate, flexibility, warmth and comfort. Built to last.

  • Single fluid seam weld

    O’NEILL’S EXTERIOR FLUID SEAM WELD is a revolutionary seam construction that utilizes a non-chafing high-grade, silicone-based urethane applied in liquid form to outside of a glued and blindstitched seam completely blocking out water without restricting flexibility.

  • Patented Z.E.N. Zip entry with drainhole

    O’Neill’s innovative patented Z.E.N. Zip Entry system is the most imitated entry/closure system in the world. This free floating exterior mini zip allows for a zipperless feel and stops water from entering the wetsuit. (U.S. Patent #5,898,934). Pullover internal seal that blocks out water for maximum performance. Water that penetrates the Z.E.N. Collar or Super short zip is blocked by the Barrier-2 and forced out the drain hole.

  • Double superseal neck

    A toasty warm two layer design featuring a 360˚ smooth skin interior lining, wide adjustablility, and a secure lock down. Fully adjustable and watertight.

  • Strategic seamless paddle zones

    An ergonomic, seamless under sleeve panel that allows for unrestricted motion and eliminates rashing. Flexible and unique design which utilizes minimal seam placement for comfort.

  • Krypto knee padz

    Abrasion resistant, high stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shaping for comfortable durability. Flexible and unique design utilizes and extended knee pad for added durability.

  • External key pocket with loop

    Abrasion resistant, high stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shaping for comfortable durability. Located along the lower leg inseam. Constructed with Fluid Seam Weld and UltraFlex DS neoprene, this key pocket has added strength, easy access and completely secure.


Super minimal seam deisgn
Contortionist seamless shoulder
Plasma wrist & ankle seals
Washing instruction:
Rinse with cool water and drip dry out of direct sunlight
Product size Height (inch) Weight (lb) Chest (inch) Waist (inch)
2XS 5’6″-5’8″ 115-130 35.5-36.5 27.5-28.5
XS 5’7″-5’9″ 125-140 36.5-37.5 28.5-29.5
SS 5’5.5″-5’7.5″ 130-150 37.5-39 29.5-31
S 5’8″-5’10” 135-155 37.5-39 29.5-31
ST 6’0″-6’2″ 145-165 37.5-39 29.5-31
MS 5’6.5″-5’8.5″ 145-165 39-41 31-33
M 5’9″-5’11” 150-170 39-41 31-33
MT 6’1″-6’3″ 160-180 41-43.5 33-35
LS 5’7.5″-5’9.5′” 160-180 41-43.5 33-35
L 5’10”-6’0″ 170-190 41-43.5 33-35
LT 6’2″-6’4″ 180-200 41-43.5 33-35
XLS 5’8.5″-5’10.5″ 180-200 43.5-46 35-37
XL 5’11”-6’1″ 190-210 43.5-46 35-37
XLT 6’3″-6’5″ 200-220 43.5-46 35-37
2XL 6’0″-6’2″ 210-230 46-48.5 37-39
3XL 6’0″-6’3″ 230-250 48.5-51 39-44
4XL 6.1″-6.4″ 250-270 51-53.5 44-48

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S, ST, M, MT, L, LS, LT, XL